Funny Old Week

This week has been pretty manic, thanks mainly (but not exclusively) to the pharma stocks. The likes of MYOV, CRSP, and of course supernova KRTX, have seen wild swings. Price increases and decreases in the hundreds of percent have made for some spectacular opportunities. Making $17,875 profit on one stock is unusual to say the least. And yet it’s also not. Because whilst the profit figure is undeniably on the high side, the way that profit was earned was completely standard.

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Yes But How Does That Help?

When I saw (and answered) this question over on Quora, I was reminded of one of the Old Lady Job Justification Hearings. For those not well versed in BBC Radio 4 comedy, the hearings were a recurring sketch in a show called That Mitchell and Webb Sound (which later moved to television in the form of That Mitchell and Webb Look). In the sketches, a panel of old ladies invite people in to tell them about their job, then ask them a series of questions to have them justify it. Their questions poke gentle fun at modern service oriented occupations like wedding planning, pointing out how needless they are. As far as the ladies are concerned, one of the few jobs with any merit is running a little shop, and they frequently steer their subjects towards the idea of opening one.

Why did a Quora question about trading make me think of an old radio sketch show?

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ROKU Results Result In a Right Rocking Result

If you’ve been following along with the blog, you’ll know that ROKU has been the story of the week. It’s already a reliably volatile and tradable stock, and the fact their earnings were out this week made it all the more worth watching. Thursday was the morning after the night before. It was always likely to be profitable, and here’s what happened.

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A Stalled Tesla

You might not be able to stall an electric car, but you can certainly stall a trade on an electric car maker’s stock. Such was the case with Tesla on Friday. It was all looking so promising, but my entry didn’t work out and it was all I could do to exit without a loss. Technically it was a loss because we have to count commissions, but that’s the cost of doing business. Fortunately, Tesla got its motor going again, and there was a second chance. Here’s the chart:

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