Trading While Sick

The whole Walsh family is sick. I shouldn’t complain, it’s not like we’ve been struck down by COVID-19 (not yet, anyway). Plenty of people are worse off than we are. It’s still horrible though. I’m the least affected, but it’s all relative. Anyway, the upshot is that there has been very little trading going on here this week.

We might not have been infected by a Chinese virus, but I did manage to get a nice little trade in on a Chinese stock on Wednesday:

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Not Always a Banger

I’ve been a naughty day trading blogger. I’ve noticed that I’ve been posting rather a lot of big winners on this blog recently. As you know, I don’t post all my trades here, only those I think are interesting for one reason or another. Often it’s the bigger winners that are the most compelling to look at, so it’s tempting to keep posting those. That is to do you a disservice though. Not every trade is a banging four-figure winner. In fact most aren’t. But to look back over these pages would give the impression that four-figures is the norm. So here’s a smaller trade to try to redress that balance a little.

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Graduation Ceremony

I’ve banged on before about the importance of having a good list of core stocks to watch. A well-selected daily watchlist makes the actual trading part of day trading much simpler. It’s easier to profit from good setups than bad ones. Having good core stocks to back up the watch list makes the job easier still, it takes some of the pressure off building the list.

Good core stocks are those that move predictably and with regularity. We don’t need many — half a dozen at the most. With a solid selection there should rarely, if ever, be a trading day with no decent setups to take.

This week a new stock graduated to my core list. Here’s it’s chart for Tuesday:

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