ROKU Results Result In a Right Rocking Result

If you’ve been following along with the blog, you’ll know that ROKU has been the story of the week. It’s already a reliably volatile and tradable stock, and the fact their earnings were out this week made it all the more worth watching. Thursday was the morning after the night before. It was always likely to be profitable, and here’s what happened.

Although we can’t see it on this chart, we opened with bigger than $20 gap. If that wasn’t a sign there was great potential ahead, I don’t know what was.

However, the first entry was almost a total failure. There was momentum there, but it wasn’t ready to go the whole hog. I got out with a few cents (making $140) before it went too pear-shaped, and regrouped ready for another go.

There wasn’t long to wait. Once the EMA caught up and we got across it, all hell let loose. It was a heck of a ride, stalling only briefly around $125. With so much profit in hand at that point, it was worth holding on to see if that red bar was just the price taking a breath or if it was the start of a reversal. The MA provided confidence to hang in there.

Waiting it out until the two red bars against the trade meant taking an extra couple of dollars in profit per share (i.e. $2000), vindicating the decision.

The total profit on the combined trade was a shade under six thousand dollars. More importantly though, we were all done by lunchtime.