Meanwhile, At Tesla…

After all last week’s fun with ROKU, it’s easy to forget there are other stocks out there. Like old fave TSLA, for example. On an otherwise quiet day, here’s what that old dog was up to:

You never quite know where Tesla is going to go (I hope their self-driving cars are more predictable in their behavior). That blue line was a reasonable target though. It didn’t quite get there on the first go, and there was profit a-plenty in the bag, hence the exit where shown.

The price did break that barrier later in the morning, but I was long gone by then.

Tesla is an interesting stock. It’s usually possible to grab some of the ‘easy middle’ with my regular setups, but there is clearly more there for the taking. For anyone who has the time, patience, and inclination to study a single stock, those tall bars we see day after day must offer some quite compelling scalping opportunities. Alas I have none of those things, so I’ll be sticking to my tried and trusted patterns.