A Couple of Jazzy Little Trades

Here are a couple of trades, one on a core stock, one non-core.

First up, the non-core stock taken from the daily watchlist. This is SHAK, which I cannot say or type without thinking about Shakatak, who incredibly, are still alive and recording — who knew? Now I’m typing the rest of this post while listening to In The Blue Zone. This is what the stock market has done to me. Anyway, here’s the chart:

This jazzy little number was an obvious candidate, set itself up nicely, and dropped the beat, I mean the price, pretty much bang on schedule. It stalled, hit a target, and gave plenty of opportunity to exit at that target. Yes, there was more on the table for anyone who’s strategy holds longer, but as we know I’m all about getting that easy middle bit.

The core stock was ROKU. They’re announcing earnings this week, which is an extra reason to keep an eye on this old favourite. Here’s the chart:

The setup here wasn’t as clean as Shakatak, I mean SHAK, but that blue line was tantalizing — it wouldn’t take much to hit it. Which is why the standard entry was a no-brainer, as was getting out at that target line before things got funky. That quick trade lasted less than five minutes and made a cool $650 profit.