Five Below

Here’s an interesting trade to start the week. FIVE ended the day down about 11%. It offered up a couple of highly profitable trades. I got the first one, missed the second (I’ll explain why in a minute). So I must have shorted it, right? Wrong. Here’s the chart:

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It Pays To Check In

I wasn’t expecting to get a trade out of ROKU on Thursday. The early part of the morning was nothing special, just some sideways dullness. I went off and made some good money on Tesla, which is where all the action seemed to be. Just as I was about to pack it in for the day, I ran through the core list and saw this setting up…

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The Slow Descent

There’s no denying that some periods of the year are quieter than others. Even the stock market, which enjoys an unrivaled selection of daily opportunities, shrivels to become a shadow of its normally magnificent self in mid-summer and again around the Christmas holidays.

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