It Pays To Check In

I wasn’t expecting to get a trade out of ROKU on Thursday. The early part of the morning was nothing special, just some sideways dullness. I went off and made some good money on Tesla, which is where all the action seemed to be. Just as I was about to pack it in for the day, I ran through the core list and saw this setting up…

Volume went a bit made and the price made a bid for freedom to the upside. Knowing ROKU, it was well worth a punt. The entry was a little bit late with some slippage as it charged ahead, but with a move like this who cares?

$3,240 in the last fifteen minutes before quitting for the day was a pretty good bonus, and just goes to show that it pays to keep an eye on the watchlist right to the bitter end.


The Christmas holiday season is upon us. School’s out, we have family coming for the festive period, and the weather is awful. I don’t suppose I’ll be doing much trading over the next week or so, so this blog will inevitably be a bit quieter. I do have some bits and pieces to post though, so I hope regular readers will continue to check in.