We Will ROKU

A couple of nice little trades to post today. First up, Match.com:

A stock chart of MTCH showing a winning long trade

A nice easy entry right off the bat. Volume was a bit low I must say, but the momentum was there and carried it to almost $500 profit in under ten minutes. After that it all went a bit sideways and unpredictable, and we were better off out of it.

Next, a bigger winner from ROKU:

A stock chart of ROKU showing a profitable trade to the short side

A bit later than MTCH, and this time to the short side. The setup was not as clean as the price had crossed the EMA, but that’s only a yellow flag, not a red one.

As is so often the case with ROKU, when it dropped, it went far and fast, blasting through the most obvious target without any difficulty. The exit came when momentum turned. Reading that tape is what it’s all about.

Two trades, both about ten minutes. One had a better setup, but the other one generated three times the profit. Just goes to show that we know nothing, and can only trade what we see in real time.