A Late Morning

It’s been a relatively quiet week on the markets (a busy week away from the screen, but that’s a different story). Tesla has been coming up with the goods, and I’ll share another trade from Elon’s Twitter-powered stock in a moment. First though, here’s a nice — if late in the morning — little trade on VTR

A VTR stock chart

After a brief spurt of activity at the open, this one went sideways for a long time. I thought it was probably a bust, but there’s a reason we continue to watch the watchlist for as long as we are trading the session: we never know what’st going to make a move.

The move it did make was not exactly spectacular, but we got more than 50 cents out of it in about fifteen minutes, which is better than…well you know what. 

Here’s that Tesla trade I mentioned before:

A trade on TSLA

This also came late in the morning session. It was typical Tesla; like their cars in ‘insane mode’, it took off suddenly and moved like a rocket, and stopped almost as abruptly. Not the biggest TSLA trade of the week, but taking more than $600 in under five minutes was nothing to be sniffed at.