Making Hay

As is so often the case after a holiday, Tuesday proved to be a bountiful session filled with opportunity. It was one of those days where you could jump on board almost anything and ride it for profit. Neither skill nor experience were required to make money on Tuesday. I’ll share three trades here, starting with the least profitable.

Here’s WFC:

I’ll be honest, not long after the entry there was a short period of squeaky-bum time as the price came right back down. But with the blue line for protection, I was willing to let it go a few cents against me to prove if the trade was going to work or not. Those cents never came into play, and by the skin of its teeth the trade never went into loss.

The exit was once momentum stalled after breaking through the target.

$720 profit on WFC was nice, but there was more to be had. Much more. Sticking with the same sector, here’s C:

Technically the entry was earlier than I took it, but this time the blue line was my enemy not my friend. My desire to get through it before entering meant holding off.

Once through and in, it was more or less plain sailing up until the first red bar when there was an obvious change in momentum. Like WFC, it was a relatively long trade (in terms of time spent in the trade), though this one netted about double the profit for the same effort.

It wasn’t just the banks rallying though, there was movement everywhere, including the old favourites. Like NVDA, for example:

The entry here came a bit later, around 10:30. Everything was straightforward enough, and the trade earned just over a thousand dollars. After that period of consolidation there was a big move up again, loads of momentum. All worthy of a (quite late) second entry. Riding this up to the first red bar generated more than two grand.

Making more than three thousand dollars from a single stock in one morning is not an everyday occurrence. There are more days like yesterday than there are like this one. That’s the trading life, taking the rough with the smooth. The great thing is there’s always something worth trading somewhere, no matter how miserable the day is.