Columbus Day

Monday was a slightly slower day on the markets, what with many states being off for the day. But as we know, there’s always something to trade, and even if volumes were down a bit, the markets didn’t disappoint. Here’s what happened on EOG:

This was a nice little setup (a 5 in the trading log), and although not a huge winner at $440, it was a simple and stress-free trade. The exit was clearly signaled by the volume slipping away to nothing and then an obvious turn in momentum. The fact the price failed to hit the target just confirmed it.

A bigger winner came from our old friend TSLA. As per usual with this stock, it was not at all stress-free!

This was a quick and violent shove towards the sky. Getting in and out in under ten minutes gave a profit of $1,410. Now I know we can look at this chart and say, “But there was loads more on the table.” And we’d be right. But hindsight is 20/20 as they say. All we can do when faced with an unfolding chart is trade the strategy. Taking the easy middle gave a good four-figure profit for less than ten minutes work, and all whilst earning a decent execution score. Can’t say fairer than that.