Having Your CAKE And Eating It

First a two-biter. BG was a bit of a wild ride, dropping precipitously before climbing all the way back and then some. The first trade was an exit on target. When it set up for another go, complete with confirming momentum, there was no reason not to have another go, and indeed the second bite (complete with another obvious exit target) proved even more profitable than the first.

Sure, there was plenty more on the table, but as I’ve written numerous times, my strategy is all about taking the easy middle bit than trying to pick tops and bottoms. Two simple, low-risk trades produced a four-figure profit between them. I’ll take that every day over the stress of trying to run a trade to the very extreme, thanks.

Next up, the Cheesecake Factory. I don’t mind admitting that for the longest time I believed that place was a made-up establishment existing only in the world of The Big Bang Theory! Turns out it’s real, and tradeable, too.

I also don’t mind admitting that I was a little more wary of this trade going in because the setup was not perfect. There was a good easy target though, and I knew I could get out with a 2-3 cent loss maximum, so it was worth the risk. Well worth it, as it turns out.