$67 / Minute Daytrading Nasdaq

Trades – Tuesday 19th February 2019

After the long weekend with the markets closed on Monday, here was a nice trade to get the week rolling. Textbook entry, clear enough exit, and $1.35 banked per share, for a nice quick profit of $1,350 trading just 1000 shares. Obviously that could easily be doubled by sizing up. That works out about $67 per minute spent in the trade, which whilst not the most profitable trade posted on this blog, is nonetheless a nice bonus after the day off.

Here’s something different — a late session trade. After missing a few days last week with sickness, and with the holiday on Monday, I felt guilty at not having been active enough recently. So I came back after lunch and watched the end of the session, which meant I was around to catch this little rally on MU (core) for a few hundred dollars extra.