An Old Friend

All change! After three days of making money from the same stock, that particular gravy train finally came to an end. Not a problem though, because the market is a bountiful place filled with new opportunity every day. Sometimes that opportunity comes in the form of stocks I’ve never heard of, and sometimes it’s the old friends who bring home the bacon. Usually it’s a mix of the two.

As it’s been a long time since I posted a Tesla trade here, here is what happened with our old friend and one of the reliable core stocks:

Not the greatest of setups, to be fair. But TSLA is a stock I’ve been watching for some time, and it’s rare that a day goes by when we can’t scalp a quick profit from a predictable move. Those moves are often very short-lived, which is why on this occasion I was in and out in about five minutes, taking profit as soon as the momentum dried up and the price started coming back. That gave us $1,400 profit.