…And More

If you read yesterday’s post about coming back for more, it will be no surprise to see the first trade I am posting today!

Here’s what happened with DOCU:

Another lovely setup, although that MA was a bit of a mess. Still, the pattern was good, and just marvel at that ascending triangle as confirmation. This turned out to give us another ten-minute trade, although only netting $690 profit this time around. Still, better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick, and there was zero work required to put this on the radar for reasons I discussed yesterday.

Incidentally, ZM did nothing of interest, thus proving that it’s not a rule that previous day movers will move, just something to be well aware of.

The bigger trade of the day came from OKTA:

Again, the MA wound its way right through the price action, which is a yellow flag. But the pattern was good, and that higher low on huge volume was a signal that things could get interesting.

Indeed they did, and in a trade lasting ten minutes yet again, we headed north and took $1,670 before exiting at a regular exit point when momentum faded and the price reversed with some force.

It’s been a while since I said this, so here’s your regular reminder that I do not post all my trades to this blog. I post trades that I think are interesting for one reason or another. And obviously this is not investment advice, trading involves risk, etc etc…you know the score.