Trading While Sick

The whole Walsh family is sick. I shouldn’t complain, it’s not like we’ve been struck down by COVID-19 (not yet, anyway). Plenty of people are worse off than we are. It’s still horrible though. I’m the least affected, but it’s all relative. Anyway, the upshot is that there has been very little trading going on here this week.

We might not have been infected by a Chinese virus, but I did manage to get a nice little trade in on a Chinese stock on Wednesday:

The main thing to note on this chart was that the entry was quite late. The momentum wasn’t particularly clear until then. Or it might have been my addled brain couldn’t see it. Either way, I was happier to wait.

It paid off, as we can see.

Better To Walk Away

Trading whilst sick is a mug’s game really. This job required concentration. Not much, only for an hour or two. It’s not like being a surgeon where absolute focus is necessary for hours on end. But when we’re watching a chart, we do need a clear head.

Illness, lack of sleep, stress, or any other distraction can be costly. It’s usually better to walk away…the market will still be there when we come back.

I’m most likely walking away again for the rest of the week as I take some time to rest and recuperate, and to look after the other family members who are suffering more. That’s more important than making money.