A Quick Morning’s Work

Okay, I couldn’t resist posting this one. It’s a four-figure winner on AIG, sorry.

There was a signal for a possible entry on the bar before the one indicated, but the momentum wasn’t there to make it worthwhile.

When the momo picked up it confirmed the trade and so then it was worth entering.

The exit was when momentum ran out, obviously. I let it bounce for a bit in case there was any more to come, but the run was clearly over so when the second green bar came along it was time to finish the trade.

There was a bit of a move later on, and though I wasn’t watching it at the time, the volume suggests there was some momentum behind it, so it might have been possible to grab another 20-30 cents per share without too much trouble.

For lazy folk like me though, getting out with two grand in about half an hour is plenty enough for a morning’s work.