You’re A Wizard, ARRY

A couple of good’uns today. First up, ARRY:

A profitable day trade on ARRY

This was well signaled and worthy of the earlier entry. That meant there was enough profit in the pot to ride out the ending a little. Had I gone in later I probably would have exited around the $24 mark. As it is, this yielded $1,330 per thousand shares traded, making it by far the most profitable trade of the day.

The magic of margin means just $6000 in a trading account would be sufficient to have traded a thousand shares of ARRY. Math isn’t my strong point (as we know), but assuming such an account size, I make that a 22% return on investment — in one day. Well, one morning. Well, about half an hour, really. Spellbinding stuff.

Next up, AAPL, because we haven’t checked in with that stock for a while:

Day trading Apple stock

The entry here wasn’t quite so gob-smackingly obvious, so I was more conservative on the exit, getting out at the first target for $600. Holding longer would have got us over the $1000 mark, but hindsight is 20/20 and recklessness can cost us a lot more than missed opportunity. All in all, not a bad day at all.