Wrestling Profits From The Stock Market

I’m keeping up my efforts to post smaller wins this week, but there was a banger of a winner that I want to share here too.

First off, here’s the smaller one. It was on our old friend GILD:

This was another one with if not quite a false start, at least not a great one. Still, it wasn’t hard to exit with 17 cents in the back pocket, which pays the commissions and pays for another try.

The second move was more convincing, and actually took us into four-figure-win territory, so I guess this might not entirely qualify as a smaller winner. Still, a nice mid-priced stock with some good momentum, and that’s what we like.

The bigger action (aside from you-know-who), was on WWE:

I’m not a fan of wrestling, but I am a fan of charts like this. I didn’t enter this trade right at the start because I wasn’t convinced about the momentum. I waited until things really picked up. And boy did they pick up. And then slammed down (is this even wrestling terminology?) The momo just disappeared and the price dropped fast, so that was time to get out.

That made a shade under three grand in about half an hour. And all on a sub-$50 stock.