Trading Apple After WWDC

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is arguably the biggest event in their calendar (the yearly launch of the new iPhone gives it a run for its money). The week-long meetup is a chance for developers to learn all about the latest technologies they can use in their apps. It begins with a ‘keynote’ presentation on the Monday morning. This spectacle is aimed as much at the media as it is the nerds, and is used to show off upcoming products, both software and hardware. Given the importance of the keynote — it’s essentially setting the stage for Apple’s next twelve months — the stock price is predictably unpredictable throughout the morning. Too volatile for me. I prefer to wait for the dust to settle. ByTuesday, everyone’s had a chance to digest the news and more considered opinions are traded. Thus easier trades like this one come along:

Trading AAPL stock on the second day of WWDC

It’s a nice straightforward textbook setup, catching the easy middle, with a clear target that was hit without trouble. Not as profitable as yesterday’s Facebook trade, but few are. Anyway, almost one and a half grand profit in fifteen minutes is not to be sniffed at.

There was a good opportunity for a second entry shortly after, with another thousand dollars on the table for anyone who traded it.