Trades, Wednesday 6th Feb 2019

Another day, another two-biter. Oh, yeah, yesterday was a three-biter. Well the principle is the same — no reason not to take a second entry when all the stars align and the signal is good. Which is what happened on NYT:

Unlike yesterday, these were both winners. The second signal occured on massive volume, providing ample confirmation. The exit was obvious to anyone who trades my strategy. If you are into trading double tops and the like, you could have had a nice short after lunch, too. Personally I was long gone by then.

Despite hitting a four-figure profit, that wasn’t my most profitable trade for the day in terms of dollars-per-unit-of-time. That accolade went to MGNX. The scale is a bit off on this chart, so it doesn’t look like much, but this netted well over $600 in under five minutes. So yeah, more than $100/minute. I stress that is not the sort of thing that happens every day. Which is why it made it into to day’s blog post!