Trades, Monday 4th Feb 2019

Nice trade to start the day. ROKU was rocking, and merited taking the earlier of the two entries. Could have tried holding this to the $50 mark, but with two grand already showing and momentum weakening, my resolve weakened with it. There was a valied entry when it went through the fifty buck mark, with another five hundred dollars on the table for anyone who missed the first go. And there was a pretty good opportunity to take a short trade towards the end of the session too, with a good signal that would have led to another several hundred dollars. Anyway, $2020 profit in under an hour is a good result by anyone’s standards.

Next up, some PZZA. Very easy entry, and the exit was pretty obvious too. On any other day this would have looked like a nice trade, but next to ROKU it seems very ordinary.

Finally, your weekly reminder that I don’t post all my trades here, only those that I think are interesting for one reason or another.