Trades, Tuesday 22nd January 2019

No trades on Monday with the holiday, so here are three for Tuesday. As is sometimes the case after a long weekend, the market was a bit slow to get going. That meant I ended up taking some trades much later than normal. I generally like to be all done by lunchtime, but most of my trades were after midday. The first was earlier, and did not work out — a sign of the kind of day it was going to be. A quick exit when it was clear it wasn’t working meant getting out with a couple of cents to cover the commission. Trading funds intact, we live to fight another day.

Next up a late trade heading into lunchtime. Good signal though, and some nice momentum. Not a huge winner, but $280 profit in about ten minutes is better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick.

Last one I’m posting is FB, which is volatile but often presents great opportunities if you can sit on your hands long enough to let the trade play out. Scaled out of this one taking half off in an obvious place, let the rest run risk-free. $570 profit in about fifteen minutes made up for having to ‘work’ so late into the session. There was plenty more to be had in the last hour, but I was long gone by then.