Trades, Friday 18th January 2019

This doesn’t happen every time, but it happens often enough that I’d call it a pattern: after a difficult day with not much around, there is often a great day with a ton of easy trades. It’s like energy is building in the market on the difficult day and when the next session opens it’s released. It’s a lot like when it rains and my daughter can’t go outside to play. As soon as the sun comes out she’s out there bounding around letting off all that built-up energy!

Anyway, that is to say that there was no shortage of nice, clearly signalled momentum-fuelled trades to be had on Friday, particularly on the tech stocks. Like this one on AMD.

I see a lot of traders dismiss a stock from their watchlist once they’ve traded it, but there’s no reason to do that. If a second entry comes along, take it. Especially when it’s as clearly signalled as this second trade that popped up on MU.