Trades, Tuesday 15th January 2019

A couple of yesteraday’s trades. Funny old day. Trades often don’t go the way you think they will. QCOM, a staple of my core watchlist for longer than I care to remember, looked set to reverse within minutes of entering, so I took an early exit. Yes, holding could have produced a bigger profit, but it’s all about following the strategy. Better to put a few dollars in the bank and live to fight another day than hold out and hope it keeps going. Trading is not a get rich quick method, it’s a get rich slow one.

BAC did a bit better, making us a solid few hundred dollars profit with an easy trade that just sort of petered out at the end. That’s because it was a relatively late trade. Normally I like to try and be done by lunchtime. Like I said, funny old day.

Just a point of order, as I’ve only recently restarted this blog after the old one got lost in a server move: trades posted here are not a complete record of my trading day, only a selection to demonstrate what’s possible, what’s dangerous, what’s intersting, and sometimes what’s boring.