Trades, Wednesday 13th Feb 2019

I’ve been unwell since the end of last week, hence not having posted any trades here for a few days — nothing to post. Back in the saddle now, so here are a couple from Wednesday. Nice easy ones that don’t require thinking. I can’t be taxing my flu-addled brain too hard..

Five minute in and out on TEVA. Clear signal + obvious target = no brainer. And I have no brain to speak of at the moment, so this worked for me. $330 profit pays for some hot drinks and paracetamol.

Another five minute trade, only this one in the opposite direction. Dropped quickly, and started to recover even more quickly, so again, it did not require much thought to get out at the first obvious target. Almost four hundred dollars profit makes me feel better about getting out of my sick bed.

In all seriousness, I’m well over the worst. I would not have risked trading if my head wasn’t up to it, it’s just not worth it. But nice quick simple trades like these, whilst not massive winners in dollar terms, are ideal when you just want to keep things ticking over.