Trade, Thursday 14th March 2019

It’s been a busy week. BA had some tradeable moves again yesterday, but the huge swings from the first two days of that news cycle seem to be behind us. With the USA grounding the fleet as well, the worst news for Boeing is probably now behind us (unless they find a fault that affects older models of the 737 as well, I guess).

So just one quick trade to post today, because it was a four-figure win of the type I said don’t come along every day. Here’s DG:

The setup wasn’t quite as clean as I like, so I was very vigilent on the exit button. In the event though, momentum was there and the trade worked out exactly as the strategy suggests. Exited after hitting the target, seeing momentum dry up, and the price starting to rise.

Just over a thousand dollars. profit in ten minutes or so on this stock. So it was one of those dull bread and butter trades that turned out to be more…brioche? I’ll stop with the metaphors!