The Easy Way To Profit From Ebay

I’ve never got on with Ebay, personally. I think I’ve bought two items there over about the last fifteen years, and both times they never arrived. A one hundred percent failure rate caused me to lose confidence in the place. I prefer Amazon, even if it’s trendy to bash them these days for a multitude of reasons I won’t go into. Mrs Walsh, on the other hand, loves Ebay, and can regularly be found emptying the family coffers on the site.

Ebay is occasionally useful to me for one thing though — as a stock to trade. It popped up on my list on Friday, and provided me with this nice little short.

A classic entry, right out of the book, off-chart confirmation, and a couple of clear price targets made it a no brainer. I nearly exited the whole lot at the first one when it coincided with momentum dropping away, but reading the price suggested there was more to come, so I only took off half. As it happened it did indeed drop further, hitting the second target quickly once it got going. All of which added up to a $500+ profit in under half an hour. That’s a much better way to do ebay!

Here’s another quickie from Friday — CMCSA:

Nothing exciting, just another standard setup which yielded only a couple of hundred dollars. But they were stress-free dollars, and that counts for something, especially on a Friday.