Some Very Un-Spooky Trades

Sorry, but I just cannot do the whole Halloween headline thing. Just like I can’t be doing with changing my Twitter name to something silly for a month. It’s funny, Americans go mad for Halloween, doing the costumes and parties and the whole nine yards. For us Brits it’s a relatively recent phenomenon. I never once dressed up in a scary costume as a kid, and I don’t know anyone else who did either. We did get the occasional adolescent ‘trick or treater’ come and threaten damage if they weren’t paid cash. I seem to recall the car aerial getting bent out of shape, and my folks pretending not to be in anytime the doorbell rang on the 31st after that. The whole thing reeks of blackmail so I’ve never seen the attraction. Still, my youngest has obviously watched too many Netflix shows because she thinks it’s great and decided to dress up and do the zombie makeup etc. There was no scouring the streets and running a protection racket against the neighbours though — we retain some standards.

Anyway, enough about that. Here’s what you really came for — some trades…

First up, although it was a later trade, here’s a nice little setup on Starbucks:

This was so obvious it barely warrants any kind of commentary. Bumping along that blue line and failing to make any decent effort at rising, it seemed almost inevitable it would drop further. The actual move was quite quick. I took just over six hundred dollars profit when it bounced around at the bottom.

The bigger win came from TWLO. Starbucks I understand, they make coffee-flavoured drinks. TWLO is beyond my comprehension. That won’t stop me trading it when I see a setup like this though:

This was a big old Tesla-sized fall, but on a sub-$100 stock. I mean, what’s not to love? Momentum actually increased as it fell, which is why I held on for those extra two bars. It looked weak enough to head further south, but when that move failed to materialise, it was time to leave it. That made for a $2,610 profit, and still in under half an hour.