Not Always a Banger

I’ve been a naughty day trading blogger. I’ve noticed that I’ve been posting rather a lot of big winners on this blog recently. As you know, I don’t post all my trades here, only those I think are interesting for one reason or another. Often it’s the bigger winners that are the most compelling to look at, so it’s tempting to keep posting those. That is to do you a disservice though. Not every trade is a banging four-figure winner. In fact most aren’t. But to look back over these pages would give the impression that four-figures is the norm. So here’s a smaller trade to try to redress that balance a little.

This is what happenend on AMD on Wednesday:

AMD is one of those stocks that jumps on and off my core watch list from time to time. Right now it’s on, but hanging there by a thread.

This was a good setup, there was some momentum there, but the move didn’t last. The green volume bar shows there was some serious buying going on, hence the bounce and hence the exit after little more than five minutes in the trade. A four-figure banger this was not.

Most trades that come along each day are in this ballpark. Taking $0.20 – $0.50 per share doesn’t sound like much, but three of those a day soon adds up. Get a bigger winner a few times a week as well, and then things become really interesting. And of course, we can always scale up our position size and make these smaller wins count for even more. Bite-sized wins for the…win!