Good Wholesome Fun

A couple of nice wholesome textbook trades today. The first one was not the largest winner of the day, despite producing a healthy $840 profit. Here’s the chart for FTCH:

A day trade on FTCH

The early drop was precipitous and a trader more on the ball than myself could well have taken the earlier entry to more than double their profit. I made do with the regular signal and took my profit at the first sign of trouble. 

There was lots around to trade (AAPL and ROKU doing it for the core stocks for example), but this one at the end of my morning was worthy of inclusion here:

A day trade on the AOS stock

Regular readers know I like to be done by midday, so taking a relatively late entry like this is less common for me. But hey, momentum was wild as the price dropped off a cliff. There was a high probability that it would all be over in a matter of minutes, and indeed it was all over in a matter of minutes. About ten. So that was a $100/minute trade right there, and still out in time for lunch.

There are excellent, easy trades to be had in every session when we trades stocks. Never a dull day.