Ending The Week With An Old Friend

I mentioned last week that QCOM has been on and off my core list over the years. Recent movements have seen it pop back on there, so I was keeping an eye out when this happened:

A nice easy, well-signaled jump. Indeed there was a confluence of two setups here, and some lovely momentum to confirm it.

The exit was a little less straightforward as it all went a bit pear-shaped at the top. It’s easy to look at trades like this and think we’ve missed out. But I find it keeps me more sane if I look on the bright side. Rather than bemoan the loss of thirty cents extra profit had I nailed the top, I choose to celebrate making more than a grand in about fifteen minutes. Anyway, picking tops is a mug’s game. It’s all about the easy middle. Low stress plus low risk plus reasonable profit equals an easy and happy life.

I hope everyone had a good week.