Continuing Where We Left Off

After the long weekend, this week started where last week left off — with a nice winner on NVDA:

Actually this one was better than last week’s. It was an easy trade and a big win. The stock was weak from the off and showed no sign of letting up on its fall. The exit came, of course, on the bounce and the reversal in momentum.

There wasn’t much need to dig into the daily watchlist, because core-fave ROKU produced another blinder. Here’s the chart:

The story is much the same as NVDA. Weakness from the off. We know that ROKU moves far and fast, so there was little to think about here. There was certainly some serous bouncing going on at the bottom, but when you already have a couple of thousand dollars profit on the table, it becomes easier to ride out these things.

In the end we got a green bar and and a valiant attempt to push the price back up, so that was the time to leave.

Taking more than $3,500 profit in under half an hour is a nice way to start any week, but even more welcome when getting back into it after a long weekend.