Trading A SIX Pack

Thursday was one of those days when I didn’t want to be in front of a screen. Blue skies and unseasonably warm temperatures meant it was better to be outside making the most of this temporary lapse in winter. So I was pretty pleased to be able to get the morning over quickly with some quick clean trades like this one on SIX:

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Five Below

Here’s an interesting trade to start the week. FIVE ended the day down about 11%. It offered up a couple of highly profitable trades. I got the first one, missed the second (I’ll explain why in a minute). So I must have shorted it, right? Wrong. Here’s the chart:

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Happy 2020

Crikey, it’s 2020 already. The past twelve months have shot by at a terrifying rate. No matter though, because I love this time of the year. Not because it’s about setting New Year’s resolutions, I don’t believe in those. I think that if something is worth changing in your life, it’s worth changing the straightaway. Why wait until the beginning of a year to make an improvement?

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It Pays To Check In

I wasn’t expecting to get a trade out of ROKU on Thursday. The early part of the morning was nothing special, just some sideways dullness. I went off and made some good money on Tesla, which is where all the action seemed to be. Just as I was about to pack it in for the day, I ran through the core list and saw this setting up…

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